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Met - Artificial Intelligence for​ Finance

Met’s Artificial Intelligence algorithms and services work together to give wealth managers and individual investors the power and flexibility to improve investment performance. Whether you’re running an SME or global enterprise

MET - investment professionals who manage every aspect of a portfolio whilst improving performance 

What is the best way for you, your team, or organisation to use AI?

At your service 

From onboarding to redemption we guarantee seamless execution. Making Artificial Intelligence self-aware

Security & privacy 

Met’s processes are designed to keep your data and corporate information secure. We obey the highest standards of client privacy. The data of your investors and customers is protected beyond equal
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Our Story 

Met is an  Artificial Intelligence and Technology company based in London and Zurich 


Met’s founder and CEO is Dr. Sulkhan Metreveli,

he holds a Ph.D. from the University of Zurich  

Met’s current Artificial Intelligence Project – GONI – is a new algorithm, based on the ideas first developed by its founder

in his dissertation in 2011

In 2020, Dr. Metreveli created a new version of the algorithm which shifts paradigms in the development of Artificial Intelligence. The methods used with the GONI model are different from those used by other AI development companies. It is based on creating an artificial version of the intelligence that can be found in nature and a mechanism that is already fully understood by humans.

Sulkhan believes that mimicking the way nature develops intelligent organisms, is the current method of creating the ultimate self-aware artificial life that can serve for the good in the world 

Dr. Metreveli’s effort is supported by the outstanding team of Met’s developers and managers who share his vision for a better future

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